How it works

1. Search

Kysy makes for you a search on various sources and provides you all in one service. Choose between web search, news, images and videos and enter the keyword: you will get search results in a few seconds.

3. Add to favorites


Did you find an interesting news but do not have time to read it? Click on the "Favorites" button and keep it between your personal links. You will be able to resume reading at any time directly from your personal page, without the risk of losing anything!

2. Express Your Opinion

1. Search

Kysy is a social serach engine. You can express your opinion on search results, by using the Like and Dislike buttons. In this way you will be able more easily to find your favorite links and to help website users to find valuable content. Your preferences help to improve the search results of Kysy. If you are registered, your opinion on the contents will have a higher weight. Sign up now and become an opinion leader!