1. Confrontation of sources

Kysy provides several channels: Web Search, News Search, Immages Search and Videos Search. Each type of search confronts the results of various sources with Users' favourites in order to deliver most relevant and interesting results.

3. Kysy Score

The Kysy Score is a value that defines the quality of a certain link: our algorithm takes into account the quality scores that the various sources within Kysy have assigned to its integrated content and combines these scores with the Users' rating, expressed as Like/Dislike. The Kysy Score is used to reorder search results to ensure that the results delivered are always reliable and of a high quality, just like our Users would expect.

2. Analysis of Users' rating

Users have the possibility to express their opinion on each result through two main tools: Like and Dislike. These Likes/Dislikes are then combined in order to elaborate the search taking into account the opinion expressed by Users. This opinion has a higher weight when expressed by a registered user wactively participating in the community to guarantee more transparency and a higher quality.